Egg Nutrition

Eggs are stuffed with nutrients, and though they contain fats, eggs can be a very healthy aspect of a weight maintainance or weight loss diet. A combination of protein and fats in eggs is essential to why they are satisfying and filling. As they possess top quality beneficial minerals and vitamins as well as natural proteins, eggs are perfect for a diet during a fitness program. Whether you want to lose weight, get healthier and fitter or build muscles, eggs play a major role in a balanced diet to aid you in achieving your goals.

So why are eggs very vital in a fitness routine? Here are some facts:

1. The nutritional value of eggs is very high
2. Eggs possess protein of high quality
3. A singular medium egg has lower than 70 calories
4. Eggs are very rich in riboflavin vitamin D and B12
5. Eggs consist of biotin, pantothenic acid, choline and folate
6. Previous limits with regards to cholesterol have been eliminated

Pre & Post Egg Nutrition

Food is deeply vital for both before and after workout recovery. Fully understanding, when, why and how your body utilizes various sources of energy during your workout routine and also the foods to consume will aid you in getting the best from your workout in an efficient and safe way.

Muscle Growth & Eggs
Rich in eggs, protein, eggs have a role to play in the growth of muscle. It isn't just for bodybuilders or athletes but for anyone who desires to keep fit or get fitter, toned and healthier.

Egg Nutrtion in Different Preparation Methods

In case you have not heard, eggs no longer are under the term of "bad foods". They may have a high level of cholesterol, but researchers have now discovered that food cholesterol does not raise the level of blood cholesterol, it is saturated fat that does this. Hence, eggs have a lot of nutrition to offer your body, however, due to the variety of ways eggs can be prepared for consumption, eggs provide slightly diverse nutrients. Let's have a look at some of the different preparation methods as well as the nutrients value they provide you with to aid your journey to all around fitness.

Hard-boiled Eggs Nutrition

Hard-boiled Eggs Nutrition

If you are a lover of hard-boiled eggs, you can include them in your diet as expect some great nutritional benefits. Hard-boiled eggs are great sources of protein and also have low calories. Furthermore, they are one of the few foods that possess vitamin D.


A singular hard-boiled egg which weights 50g contains 78 calories. Having per gram 1.6 calories, hard-boiled eggs are low in energy density. This means their calorie count in relation to weight. A food either the low density of energy will get you filled on very few calories. By adding more low-density energy foods to your diet you can actually control your weight effectively.


A large hard-boiled egg contains 6g of protein. Being an animal protein source, eggs offer every form of amino acids, which is what makes them be a top quality protein source. Proteins are vital to your body cells and very essential to life. Adults need between 46 to 56g daily

Cholesterol and Fat 

Cholesterol and fat, are moly found in the yolk of an egg. A large hard-boiled egg has about 5g in a total of fat, 212mg of cholesterol and saturated fat in 1.7g. Fat is recommended to be limited to 25-35% and saturated fat to lower than 7% of calories daily.

Minerals and Vitamins 

Hard-boiled eggs contain iron, zinc, folic acid, and vitamins E and B12. Its egg yolk gives vitamin D, with a large egg yolk getting 10% of the daily value.

Fried Eggs Nutrition

Fried Eggs  Nutrtion

Fried eggs significantly have a lot more calories due to fat than a regular egg because of the oil used. Fried eggs as well have a great cholesterol level, however, this is majorly in the egg yolk.

Frying Process 

Fried eggs usually require small amounts of cooking oil to prevent it from getting stuck on the pan. The burner is heated at medium and the egg is cracked open. After this, you can place the eggs content into the pan and let it fry until it gets to the way you want.

Size of the Fried egg 

Eggs are studied based on their size so the nutritional value is also dependent on the size of the egg fried.


A fried medium egg consists of cholesterol of 210 mg. The daily amount of cholesterol needed is approximately 300mg, hence, a singular fried egg gives 70% of cholesterol. Fried eggs consist of 92 calories in total. This offers a daily value of 4,5% for the standard of 2000 calories daily.


Containing approximately 7g of fat, which includes the yolk as well as the vegetable oil required for frying the egg. Every singular fat gram consists of 9 calories, which means a fried egg consists of 63 fat calories. Saturated fats are 2g while unsaturated fats consist of 5g, Fried eggs offer of the daily value 11% of the total fat as well as 10% of saturated fat.


Consisting of 6.3g of protein, in which a single protein gram having approximately 4 calories, which makes a fried egg contain 25 protein calories. Providing the daily value of 13%.

Egg Drop Soup Nutrition

Egg Drop Soup Nutrition

This is a Chinese dish which contains chicken broth spiced with soy, ginger and made thick using cornstarch.


This dish can be made at home by beaten eggs right into a heated broth to give out the cooked egg in light strings. The soup can be topped using chopped scallions. It is a soup low in calorie and can certainly be added to a fitness diet for a lot of people, even though the sodium content may be high.

Fat and Calories 

A single serving of egg drop soup consists of 96-100 calories which make this soup a great choice for a snack that will warm you up or even a starter course to your main dish. It contains 3g of fat for each serving, as well as has of saturated fat 1g, based on the restaurant or brand. Hence, almost 30% of calories derived from a serving of egg drop soup comes from fat.

Protein and Carbohydrates

Egg drop soup is very low in carbs, having just 3 grams of carbohydrates for each serving. Since your daily food plan needs to have 225 - 325g of carbohydrates, you should place some rice as well as broccoli and steamed chicken to the serving of the soup. Doing this will increase the amount of protein you take in. It gives your body 8 protein grams.

Vitamins and Minerals 

Egg drop soup is certainly not high in minerals or vitamins. A single serving of the soup has lower than 5% of the expected riboflavin daily value and also vitamin B-6, thiamin and vitamin B-12. A service provides as well low amounts of vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, iron, and phosphorus.


It would be so much better to make egg drop soup in your home as you can effectively control the salt level in it, as the ones commercially available have a lot of salt, approximately 900mg in a single serving. A more than normal intake of salt can lead to complications with regards to the heart.


Eggs have a lot of nutritional benefits to provide your body with an understanding this as well as the different nutritional value provided through the various methods of egg preparation will aid you in your fitness journey. Helping you to get that toned body you've long desired effortlessly.

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