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Tips for Losing Belly Fat

Tips for Losing Belly Fat

Fats in the body are stored in fat cells called adipocytes. These cells usually decrease or decrease depending on how much fat they store. When these cells get bigger, someone gains weight, and when these cells shrink, weight is lost. People often ask how long does it take to lose belly fat but in reality there is no set formula for this. People are different, and the way they respond to diet differs, calisthenics or cardio training depends on many things. Factors such as your current condition, age, and genetics play a role in the way your body response. Therefore, how to lose belly fat primarily depends on your workouts and the healthy eating plan you will pursue.

According to the Los Angeles fitness trainer, patience and perseverance is the key when it comes to belly fat loss. Compared to other areas of your body, losing belly fat is somewhat harder. This is because belly has “stubborn fat” that is different from the regular fat. Places like our shoulders, arms, chest, legs usually have rapid fat reduction whereas there is slow reduction in body parts such as stomachs, hips, thighs and lower back. 

Healthy Diet

diet food

Your eating habit usually determines the level of the cholesterol and saturated fat in your body. Though your body needs fats, you should sensibly choose the right food to eat. Saturated diet is contained in the majority of animal products such as beef, pork, lamb, butter, cheese, and cream. Also, whole or 2% milk usually contains dietary cholesterol. American Heart Association recommends that if you want to control this habit, ensure that you reduce the food with saturated fats to 5 to 6 percent of your total daily calories.

In contrast, eating unsaturated fats is usually healthy because they don’t increase blood cholesterol in your body. These fats are generally included in vegetable oils, nuts, avocados olives and fatty fish like salmon. This will, in turn, protect you from the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes. According to American Council on Exercise, controlling your nutrition is the best way to having great abs than doing exercises as no amount of activity will burn off a significant amount of fat. Also, according to the National Heart and Blood Institute, gradually losing weight is the best way to keep it off. Reduce the amount of carbohydrate intake, and the belly fat will significantly melt away.
Ab and Fasten training

Excess fats will cause your abdomen muscles to stretch making them lose their tone. Doing a lot of ab exercises will improve your results. Do a variety of exercises that work well with lower and upper portion of your rectus abdominis and the six-pack muscle. It is also good to perform exercises that work well with hip flexors like leg lifts. 

On the other hand, do a lot of fasted training which basically means training when your stomach is empty. Research shows that fasted training will increase the blood flow to your abdominal region and this will, in turn, burn the belly fat away. The best way to do this exercise is to train before you take breakfast. Also, fasting for more than six hours will increase the chance of your body burning out fat in your belly. 


This usually involves taking high-intensity exercises which include aerobic and cardiovascular workouts like climbing up the stairs or treadmills. This will, in turn, cause the heart rate up increasing the blood flow all over the body which helps to burn out excess fat. High-intensity exercises will also induce secretion of fat burning hormones which helps in speeding up your metabolism during the day. According to the American College of Sports, people should do 20 minutes of intense exercises three days in a week or at least 30 minutes of regular exercise for better results. 

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, getting rid of belly fat requires patience and commitment. You ensure that you take foods with unsaturated fats, perform regular ab exercises and engage in high-intensity workouts. HIIT will mean more calories will burn out which will, in turn, reduce the amount of fat in your body. You should also work on carbohydrates as a study done in 2015 by Journal nutrition showed that people who took fewer carbohydrates lost more belly fat compared to those who reduced fat in their diets.


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Tips: How to Lose Neck Fat

Tips: How to Lose Neck Fat

People always want to know how to lose neck fat, which is also known as “turkey fat”, exist just under the necks of skin. The most effective method to lose neck fat is through a combination of exercises designed specifically for the toning of the neck to standard weight loss methods. It takes time and is a tough process, so these are some ways to lose that turkey neck;

1. Maintaining a balanced diet
2. Exercise and change in lifestyle

Balanced Diet

Maintainable of a healthy balanced diet is very important. Put in a lot of whole grains, lean meat, vegetables, dairy, as a part of your day to day diet. Consume regulated portions as well as watch your intake of calories to ensure that you do not consume more than is needed by your body. If you want to really control how much you eat per serving use a small plate. Most often, individuals who fill large sized plate are usually obliged to consume it all.


how to lose neck fat - drink water

Water is vital and essential in ensuring your body functions and runs correctly. Furthermore, skin that is hydrated is less prone to sagging or a loose appearance. I’d you do not take in enough water, the possibility of losing weight is zero. Also, an additional benefit of water is that it reduces your appetite, ensuring you eat just the correct amount of food rather than just consuming excess. Choose unsweetened fruit juice and water over soda, sweetened juices as well as sugary drinks. Drinks like that include any drink that has caffeine like coffee, soda as well as Gatorade as well as alcohol. Instead, you can migrate to carbohydrates which are healthier. Carbohydrates which are refined, provide minor nutritional benefits even though carbohydrates are essential for bodily functions. Carbohydrates which are whole grain have a lot of fiber and are healthier to help reduce neck fat. Fiber decreases the process of digestion, which makes you feel satisfied much more longer and gives your system quality length of time for absorption of nutrients. Leafy veggies possess a great number of fiber.

Lean Meat and Fish

how to lose neck fat - lean meat & fish

Just like chicken, lean meat and fish are healthier than beef which is red meat. Red meats are very fatty. If you are trying to lose neck fat, red meat should be avoided and focus should be on sources other than protein. Always choose fresh over canned. Fresh fish has a reduced amount of sodium, an excess of sodium has the capacity to make your body to store water, ensuring you feel and look bloated. Also, protein is very vital, this is because it aids your body to build its muscle. To be able to tone the muscles of your neck. You will need a great amount of protein to build the muscles.

Exercise and Lifestyle Change

Spot fat loss is almost impossible, you would have to lose your body weight as well. Spot reduction may not be able to be done but the toning of your neck will decrease the neck fat appearance. Nevertheless, it is important to note that even when your neck muscles are equivalent to hard abs, fat won’t be lost.

To lose neck fat, you would need to do a lot of exercises as well as keep a balanced diet. The exercise carried out needs to be slow and moderate. As with every goal for fitness, one of the best ways to success is ensuring you keep a positive attitude as well as have determination. Be realistic and patient. Expecting the neck fat to disappear overnight is not realistic, ensuring your fitness expert lets you know how attainable the goals are. Set daily goals as well as in order to motivate you.

Here are some neck exercises that can be carried out;

1. Stand or sit straight and look to the ceiling and begin a chewing motion for about 10 seconds

2. Create a puckered lip and hold it for 5 seconds.


These are among the best methods to lose neck fat. It is imperative to use a combination of lifestyle change and a balanced diet. Before carrying out any exercise though it is important to get the advice of your medical professional as well as getting advice from a dietologist in relation to the most effective diet for you.

How to Jump Higher

How to Jump Higher

An individual's vertical is determined by how far off the ground they can jump. Thus, the fact that you have to toil on exercises to jump higher in order to boost your vertical just makes sense. Not every higher jump workout is the same. However, they all hold the same function, which is increasing the vertical.

If you want to learn to jump higher, you will need to teach the body in a precise way. Almost all physically active people can jump, but unless you are very dedicated in your pursuit of the correct way to increase your vertical leap, your training regime will be a total waste of time. The following tips will help you increase your vertical.

1. Diet 

diet food

One thing to look at is your diet. You should consume a diet which is full of protein to build and increase muscles. This will enhance your training efforts and increase your potential levels of stamina as well. Make an effort to include protein which has a high nutrient level as well. The kinds of food you need to include are salmon, red meats, nuts and eggs. If you want to put on weight, use protein shakes or consume a larger amount of healthy unrefined carbs such as wild rice and whole grain bread.

If in contrast, you need to shed weight, stay clear of the shakes and limit the carbohydrates. Adhere to a properly defined plan for the maximum weight loss while keeping and building muscle. Your doctor or sports coach or other professional should be able to counsel you on this.

2. Exercises

Apart from Diet, exercises play a critical role in helping you increase your vertical. The following are some of the exercises that can help you jump higher. 

(i). Low Squat Ankle Jump

The first among this list of exercises to jump higher is the low squat ankle jump. This exercise is among the distinctive exercises for higher jumps. Crouch down near to the ground and keep on your toes. Be certain that you do not put your weight on your heel since this gets rid of the drill's effectiveness. Keep in the crouch position then spring up and back on your feet's balls. Do not spring up far enough that your legs will straighten up. Attempt to maintain your legs as near to the chest as you can.
When bouncing, be certain that you utilize as much strength as you can. The tougher you thrust, the brawnier your leg muscles can be. Attempt to get to a steady regularity and concentrate on maintaining that regularity. This will shift your concentration to the regularity of the workout for higher jumps from the hurt on your legs. Perform the workout for a particular amount of recurrences, have a break and then perform it again. However, have more recurrences than the previous set. The more you execute, the tougher you'll get. Keep on reminding yourself of this every time you do exercises to jump higher.

(ii). Power Skipping

The second among this list of exercises to jump higher is the power skipping workout. This is similar to skipping like when you were a child. However, you require a lot more speed and effort for this exercise. Perform this on a flat surface such as a basketball court that you can freely skip on. Begin at an end and set out as tough as you are capable of with 1 foot while firing the other leg to the air. Attempt to have your knee in contact with your chest. Repeat this alternately.

(iii). Abs Exercises

Even though it is logical to assume you should focus on your leg muscles, if you wish to jump higher, don't ignore your abs. Abdominal muscles play a significant role in propelling your body upwards, so working on these muscles can give you an extra boost. Getting a decent sculpted six pack also looks pretty good on the beach! There are several exercises that can strengthen your abs muscles such as crunches, sit-ups, squats, and ab-wheel roll-out.
So, to learn to jump higher, you must focus on the task at hand and be rigid in achieving your goal. Remember, it isn't just the tall people who can jump higher; many shorter people do this also. Persevere, and you'll see improvements week on week in your vertical jump and quickly become a valued team member or a fitness nerd.

How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men

How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men

The leg of a human being is made up of several muscles which include the hamstrings, gastrocnemius, adductors, soleus, quadriceps and tibialis anterior. When these muscles become inactive for long, they lose their definition and strength. When you combine inactivity and unhealthy diet, it results to excess fats building up on your thighs. There are many steps on how to lose thigh fat for men, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, losing weight requires you to create a caloric deficit. This enables you to expend more energy than the one you take in through diet.

Though creating caloric deficit will make you lose weight, taking exercise and extra measures will enable you to lose fat thigh more quickly. Having a healthy diet and regular exercises will not only help you to efficiently lose thigh fat but will also improve your general health. If you are serious about getting rid of thigh fat, here are ways to get started:

1. Regular physical exercises

Performing regular physical exercise in equal moderation and high intensity will enable you to cut the unwanted fat in your thigh and the rest of your body uniformly. This holistic process of losing weight begins when your body starts to function under the calorie deficiency state.

For men, performing the thigh toning exercises will enable you to target the thigh fat thus reducing them accordingly specifically. Research done by the Disease Control Center (CDC) has recommended having a moderate intensity exercise for about 150 minutes or vigorous activity for 75 minutes every week, but if your goal is to lose weight, then you will have to do more.

Running is classified as a vigorous activity, a person who weighs about 154 pounds can burn more than 590 calories every hour when running 5 miles per hour. According to Mayo Clinic, n order for you to lose one pound, you will have to create a caloric deficit of about 5,500 calories. The faster you involve yourself with vigorous exercise, the more you will burn calories in a given time.

Do some squats

 Squat exercise targets excess fats in the front, upper and outer muscles of your thigh. This procedure can be done in many ways to separate front, outer and upper thigh muscle group. Here are the steps to follow

• While maintaining the straight posture, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while keeping the toes pointing outward and resting a barbell on the shoulders.
• Outspread your back muscle to create a straight shoulder.
• Bend the knees with the butt while exhaling as you move down
• Maintain the chest position and move down while slanting forward and maintaining a straight back.
• Move down as much as possible until the ground, and your thighs are parallel.
• Maintain this position for a second as you exhale then carefully explode back to your standing position.
• Repeat this exercise for about 8-10 times to get excellent results.


 This exercise can be done in several ways including the straight lunges holding a dumbbell, walking lunges or the one you can execute without dumbbells. Here are the steps:

• Stand straight holding the dumbbell while keeping your feet shoulder-width distance.
• Ensure that your back muscle is straight to engage the core.
• Move one step forward with your one leg and form a scissors-like shape
• With the back leg facing forward, bend the knees while firmly placing the front step firmly on the ground.
• While ensuring your back leg is on the ground, pause for a second at this position as you exhale then come back to your original position.
• Repeat this exercise with the other leg to complete a set.

Lying Butt Bridge

 This is another effective method of removing the excess fats in your thigh. It involves forming a 45-degree angle on the ground with your fit and harms on the ground. Here are the steps:

• Lie on the ground or mat while keeping your knees bent and back flat.
• While your feet are on the ground, raise your pelvis up towards the ceiling while keeping your arms at your sides until you archive 45 degrees.
• Flex your thigh and butt as you engage the core for few seconds.
• Lower yourself back and repeat this process.

Back Kick

How to Lose Thigh Fat for Men - Back Kick

 This activity involves balancing one leg while keeping the other one slightly above the ground. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps:

• While keeping your butt and core tight, raise one leg and slightly bend your knee.
• Start leaning forward as you keep your left leg back and raised.
• Bend your body forward until you feel your hamstrings getting stretched.
• Squeeze your muscles by focusing on your butt as you move back to your original position.
• Switch your legs and repeat this exercise multiple times

2. Eating Healthy

Consuming proper diet is another key to losing excess fats and general weight loss. When you take excess calories, excess fats will accumulate around your thigh. These additional calories will not be burnt even through your routine exercise and which means your body will have additional portions. According to health experts, men should roughly cut around 200 to 400 calories daily.

Recommended diet

• Proteins – you should eat a diet that has lean proteins. These include fish, soya beans, chicken, and pork.
• Fruits and vegetables –most green vegetables have antioxidants and vitamins that enhance the process of weight loss. Always eat vegetables such as blueberries and kales.
• Carbohydrates- diets that are rich in complex carbohydrates such as whole wheat and oats are absorbed slowly by the body system thus controlling the amount of insulin in the blood.
• Fats – for lean body shape, consume diets that have good fats. These include avocados, sunflower oil, nuts and foods that are rich in omega 3 and 6.

3. Perform Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is another ideal way of losing thigh fat for men. Center for Disease Control noted that men who like walking around, moving down and up the stairs usually experience some significant weight loss. Aerobic exercises include activities such as swimming, rope jumping, cycling, and boxing. Apart from being effective in reducing excess fats, this workout also helps to boost the immune system of a person thus improving the general health. 


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6 Best Ways To Increase Female Muscle Growth

6 Best Ways To Increase Female Muscle Growth

Gone are those days when men are the only ones who used to consider muscle growth. These days, some women are also interested in gaining muscles. Of course, it is not easy to maximize the female muscle growth.

Thus, you have to work hard and stay dedicated to your goal. Besides working out in gym, you need to stay focused on the foods you eat. We can recommend you some scientifically proven ways that can help you to grow muscles.

If you are a women who is trying to increase the muscle growth, then these ways will definitely help you. Gaining lean muscles doesn’t happen overnight. Hence, you need to stick to the plan to achieve the goal.

Ways To Maximize Growth Of Lean Muscles

#1: A Proper Weight Training System

Female Muscle Growth - Weight Training

Gaining of lean muscles requires weight and resistance training consistently. You need a tailored workout program which will help you to gain muscles. We always recommend to hire a personal trainer for this.

The growth hormone is testosterone which has a significant impact on muscle growth. Since this hormone is present in very less amount in women body, weight training is important. Once someone goes for weight training then she can certainly develop good muscles despite of less amount of testosterone in the body and without weight training it is almost impossible to have desired amount of muscles.

Weight training can help to stimulate the growth of testosterone in women body. Hence, you will be able to gain more muscles. Some of the weight exercises for female muscle growth are:

-Wide stance squat

-Reverse barbell lunges


-Biceps curl with barbell

-Incline dumbbell press

These are some of the important exercises that can help you to gain lean muscles. Different workout target different parts of your bodies, such as arms, chest, back and legs.

#2: Cut off Your Cardio

Female Muscle Growth - Cut off Cardio

When you are focusing on growing muscles, you have to limit your cardio. It is better to stick to ligh and low-impact cardio. But do not eliminate completely as cardio helps to get your blood flowing to your muscles. Thus, your muscles receive oxygen which promotes muscle growth.

So, keep it light and focus more on lifting and weight training to increase muscle mass. The best way is to limit your cardio twice a week. Low impact cardio consists of:

-Brisk walk for 5 minutes

-Light jogging

-Running 1 kilometer on treadmill

Think about the body of long-distance runners. They are leaner than the sprinters who have a more muscular body.

#3: Rest Day Is A Compulsory One

Female Muscle Growth - Rest

If you are following a heavy lifting and resistance workout program, then rest day is a must. Take your rest day very seriously. It is an important part for the growth of your muscles. Rest day is meant for giving your muscles an opportunity to recover.

Just like it is important to work your muscles heavily to grow, it is also important to be careful that you are not overdoing it. Some exercises hit a certain group muscles very hard. Thus, taking a day or two off each week is important.

-Plan your workout in a proper way giving two days a week rest

-Target each muscle group individually – Arms, Chest, Back, Legs and Abs

-Allot each day of the week for each of these 5 muscle group

-Take a day off before and after the leg day as it can be the most exhausting one

#4: Carbs Are Important

Female Muscle Growth - Carbs

Though carbs are quite important for your muscle growth, make sure to take it on time. Eat more carbs during your breakfast. Also, take some carbs immediately after the workout in the half an hour anabolic window. This will help to maximize the muscle recovery.

Get some liquid carbs or protein powder to restock the glycogen immediately. This will restore your muscle recovery helping you to increase the growth of muscles. Here are some of the tips for carbs intake:

-Carbohydrate during your cardio session: During your cardio session, sip on some carbohydrate rich drinks. This will help to keep your calorie intake intact and replenish the glycogen. This will help your muscle to recover faster.

-Eat carbs in your breakfast: Start your day with carbs. Then the energy you store from that will be used during your workout session.

#5: Eat More Protein

Female Muscle Growth - Protein

One of the most essential components for female muscle growth is protein. Don’t stray away from consuming protein. This can help you to get the maximum result. Protein contains 9 most essential amino acids.

Proteins are also called the building blocks of muscle tissues. It supplies essential materials that are needed for your hormones and neurotransmitters. It also safeguards against any muscle loss. It helps to gain more lean muscle and make you stronger.

-Eat high protein foods throughout the day

-Include foods like broccoli, salmon, yellow corn, black beans, chicken, eggs and oats in your diet

-Drink protein rich drinks immediately after your workout

Yellow corn contains 15.6 gram/cup of protein. Also, salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid which is a great source of protein. Boiled broccolis also contain about 2.5 gram of protein in it. You must include all these in your everyday diet along with egg whites.

Please visit our nutrition page for more article.

#6: Sleep & Drink Enough Water

Female Muscle Growth - Sleep

Besides gym and protein-rich diet, you must also get proper sleep and keep yourself hydrated. Both can do wonders for your body. After all the intense weight training you do in gym, you need some time to relax and rest. Also, you need to have enough water to keep your body hydrated.

-Drink plenty of water daily to keep your muscles saturated and stay hydrated. It is essential for your muscles to stay healthy and grow.

-Sleeping 7 to 8 hours each nigh is very important. Your muscles needs to relax for proper growth. The water and nutrients you ingest throughout the day will work during night. This will encourage more female muscle growth.


Thus, these are the 6 scientifically proven ways that can help in female muscle growth. You need to be very much dedicated and committed towards your workout regime and diet plan for achieving the goal. Set a realistic goal that you want to achieve and start today!